Vaginal Mesh Complications and Their Corrective Procedures

Recently, many women have had some complications with vaginal mesh implants. While the mesh implant may have successfully repaired the hernia, some people have had complications when using it to repair pelvic organ prolapse.

Because the big gap between elasticity between pelvic place and abdominal area, so after implanting many women have mesh erosion, severe infections, pain in the pelvic region, chronic urinary tract infections, bowel and bladder injuries, painful sexual intercourse, adhesions and painful scarring. These injuries must be performed by skillful and professional surgeon.

The most popular vaginal mesh implant complications are when the mesh breaks the vaginal lines or the incision. It makes them bleed, drainage of urine into the vagina, recurring urinary tract infections, excess vaginal discharge and even makes the male partner painful when intercourse. The patients must be removed the exposed mesh and injured vaginal tissue by the pelvic reconstructive surgery. The Plasma Blade is one the most effective instrument to fix these problems. However, it must be used by the most highly skilled doctors, but it is rather difficult to find surgeon taught in applying this innovative device.

If the case the mesh was eroded into the bladder, the first thing they need to do is removing it. After that, they need to repair the damage to the vaginal wall and the bladder. Depending on the eroded level, doctors will carry out the procedure laparoscopically. They often do a surgery with a mini-incision in the belly button.

Vaginal mesh implant can cause any chronic pains which are very difficult to treat. They are caused by a position of the mesh than the specific material of the mesh. It the mesh requires an attachment near the pudenda nerve or it is too small. The doctors will try to moderate it, this lead the severe pain for the first time after surgery and may for a very long time. If the pain last more than two months, the patients only alleviate the pain by the surgical intervention. The Vaginal mesh implant can cause back pain and lower abdominal pain which is called the FDA. It the pain is not caused by the tension, the treatment will be more challenge and it will include surgical release of the pudendal nerve or injections which is a highly skilled operation performed by a few professional surgeons.

Before the FDA issuance warn the potential vaginal mesh implant complications, many women suffered it in silence because they feel embarrassed to speak out. After that, over 4000 women are confident to speak out the serious symptoms they have to suffer from vaginal mesh implant. Some women have to suffer more and more when undergoing many surgeries. Therefore, if you or your relatives get any vaginal mesh implant complications, you should speak with reputable and skilled doctors in order that they can find the best treatment for you.